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Best Goalkeepers English Premier League 2016/17

Now we have come to a close and the English Premier League is over, we take a look back at how the goalkeepers did and who came out on top.

Best Premier League Goalkeeper (EPL) 2016/17

Courtois best goalkeeper in English Premier League - 787x400

Chelsea’s Thibaut Courtois is the English Premier Leagues best Goal Keeper for the 2016/17 season. With 36 games under his belt he made 69 out of 99 shots on target and conceding only 28 all season! With a salary of £120,000 a week he sure showed his worth!

Using his trusty Nike GK Vapor Grip 3 and you can get yourself a pair over on Amazon! 

Second Best Goalkeeper in Premier League goes to…?

Coming in second is Hugo Lloris, Spurs No.1 keeper (Obvs!). With 34 games and 24 winning matches and 15 clean sheets he was a real star between the posts. He also had the lowest amount of conceded goals for players with over 30 games!

Lloris uses the UHL Sport Ergonimic 360 Supergrip gloves so pop over to Amazon and get yourself a pair!

Third place for the 2016/17 season goes to…

David De Gea! 35 games but only 16 wins. He still pulled in a decent enough season to grab third place. He did let himself down a little with two yellow cards but with 14 clean sheets you can’t complain too much!

De Gea used Adidas Ace Zones for the 2016/17 season, with a range of sizes, colours and grips for different weathers you should get yourself a pair today!


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Pepe Reina – a goalkeeper not afraid to use his feet…

Pepa Reina goalkeeper

Post first published in May 2010 updated Jan 2017. Reina stayed at Liverpool until 2014 with the final year on loan to Napoli. Reina then moved to Bayern Munich for a year and finally ended up as Goalkeeper for Napoli where he still plays today. 

Pepe Reina and idle transfer gossip

The big bald Spaniard has been in the press a lot this week. Having recently penned a new deal with Liverpool, goalkeeper Reina has now recently been linked to a move away from Anfield – perhaps down south to the Emirates. Yeah, I don’t believe that one either.

“A good keeper is worth 15 points a season…”

But Reina has rightly been attracting attention, with a strong season this year, indeed perhaps Liverpool’s outstanding player. They say that good goalkeepers are worth 10 to 15 points a season, and in Liverpool’s case they can therefore thank Reina for making the difference between a disappointing UEFA Cup place and a historically catastropic mid table finish they would otherwise have finished with.

It’s all in the feet

So, were you watching closely?

I wasn’t even looking out for it when I first noticed, but watching Reina you start to notice how many times he opts to use his feet to clear the ball, rather than the more customary use of the hands. There are a few really notable saves that see him standing up tall – and coming out of the situation well – with clearly absolutely no intention of going down to meet the ball with his body or his hands.

Blame David Seaman (again)

I have to admit I’m really undecided about these modern “no diving” keepers. Keepers like Reina and Carson in particular, following a model notably set down by David Seaman in the 1990s, have been exponents of facing one on one situations on their feet. Fans of this goalkeeping school of thought argue that many one on ones end with the ball going over the keeper’s head, and that standing up and narrowing the angle quickly is a statistically more effective method to use. A bit like keepers that stand up for penalties rather than guessing.

It’s not cricket!

The thing is, it’s just not cricket! I remember the good old days of Neville Southall, a diving and hands goalkeeper in every way – particularly in his more agile early years. That’s goalkeeping! Not this modern playing like a second sweeper style… The likes of Reina, and his new fangled goalkeeping methods, weird looking uhlsport goalkeeper gloves (what were they thinking?!) – it just didn’t used to be done like that!

Now I recognise this isn’t yet the most rational or compelling of arguments – some stats may well in time be needed. But it’s a theme I’m warming up. Watch this space!

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Reusch Re:Load Prime M1 Negative Cut Ortho-Tec

Reusch M1 Mega Grip Negative cut

As with all Reusch gloves, the Re:load series enters its second season and brings a new, wild and exciting colour combination to the mix. The Re:load line is definitely the first choice for all those who prefer a more classical but not less powerful glove.

Most reviews have loved the M1 Mega grip, the negative stitching as well as the tighter fit over the fingers. This ensures that there is a firmer grasp of the ball once recieved instead of potential for looser grips and fumbling of the football. The gloves are proven, based on match tests, to work well into the cold english nights where dew may begin to creep up on you giving the glove a damp feel, grip stays strong and the gloves are warm.

These gloves have surround cut stitching which means there is way more latex for contact with the football. if your unsure what that is, negative cut means that the seam around your fingers is located inside the glove, instead of the outside.  The wrist straps are strong and the gloves breath well allowing you to stay cool calm and collected in even the most stressful match.

Buy now from Amazon

Reusch M1 Mega Grip Negative cut

The Pro’s

These goalkeeper gloves pack some serious plus points

  1. M1 Mega grip latex is a high-quality and extremely soft latex foam proving incredible grip in all weather
  2. 3-D thumb crotch construction between the thumb and the index finger eliminates any bulking stitching seams that can rub an irritate the goalkeepers hands
  3. Reusch’s free-floating Ortho-Tec stay System allows excellent flexibility and customisation in the glove
  4. Reusch’s new backhand side wrap Technology gives added protection to the palm material and the keepers’ side of hand
  5. The surround cut with negative seams give the glove 100% coverage of M1 Mega foam on all points of contact
  6. Reusch are one of the top goalkeeper glove producers in the market today

The Con’s

There are some aspects of the glove that could be improved, although they may have negatively impacted the overall benefits:

  1. The finger protection is difficult to or cannot be remove which can lead to stiffness until well worn in.
  2. Although common with most gloves, heavy rain and mud can impact overall grip

The conclusion

This glove comes as one of the most recommended our there because of the clever design aspects such as negative cut and M1-Mega grip foam. If you’re a goalkeeper that wants a high-quality glove with finger protection without breaking the bank, these gloves are the perfect ones for you.

Buy now from Amazon

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What are goalkeeper training gloves?

oalkeeper training gloves are essential in football; you just cannot do without them if you are a goalkeeper! The palms of the gloves are designed to protect the player’s hands and for easy grip of the ball. The gloves come in several cuts, such as roll finger, flat palm and negative. Gloves are designed to avoid fingers bending backward when playing. Adidas, Nike, Puma, and Macron are some of the famous brands of professional goalkeeper gloves.

Adidas Fingersave FS Replique

From the world’s number one supplier of football products, comes the new FS Replique. It is designed for easy and strong grip and made for hard ground. The palm is made of smooth, durable latex, supporting catching, throwing and holding the ball. The Adidas’ ‘fingers have’ technology prevents harmful and excessive finger bending. It comes with a wrist strap and wrist bandage. FS Replique is available in Navy/White/Lime Green.

Adidas Response Training Gloves

It is from Adidas’ Response line with notable qualities like shock absorption, especially made for training. It is durable and designed in the natural shape of the hand. It has vented cuffs and a latex finish for impact absorption, strong grip for handling the ball in all areas. All Adidas products are made to use in all weather conditions and reliable.

Adidas FS Allround

It comes with exchangeable spins and supports all goalkeeping activities. It is designed with special cuts for most of the contact area, to make catching easy. It also includes a stretch strap for firmer gloved hands.

Adidas also has some other football gloves including Adidas Powerweb gloves with silicon palms and synthetic leather, Response Roll Finger GC, Response Junior and Response Young Pro among many other useful gloves.

Nike GK Classic Goalkeepers

Looking for no-nonsense strictly goalkeeping? This glove is a simple, straightforward item that can handle all technicalities in goalkeeping. Its smooth latex foam takes a standard cut design. The wristband is easily fitting and tightly secures your grip.

Nike offers a range of training and football playing gloves including Nike Sala 5 glove, thermal gloves, Nike Training Gloves and much more.

Puma PowerCat 2.10 Grip

In both wet and dry conditions, this glove guarantees a firm and confident grip. The segmented mesh at the back of the hand allows ventilation to fingers.

Puma V1.10 Buffon Pro

It is from Puma’s bestselling V range. It has a wrap over the thumb, extended palm and a breathable mesh that provides ventilation to fingers. The special design of this glove minimizes damage to hands and fingers. It also includes the ‘pull and fastens’ speed closure system.

Benefits of Training Gloves

Protecting your fingers against injury when goalkeeping is important for consistent playing. There are brands of football gear which enable finger support with their innovative designs, e.g. FingerSave technology of Adidas. Buying gloves in the correct size are crucial for any goalkeeper. When the gloves are too small or too big, it can affect your hands as well as their flexibility. A glove that is a size or two bigger than your hand provides more deflection. To check whether it is a perfect fit, try wiggling your fingers inside the glove. The Velcro strap should fasten comfortably around the wrists too. If it is too lose or too tight, it can cause discomfort to the player.

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Step by Step Guide on how to Clean Goalkeeper Gloves

One of the most important pieces of goalkeeping equipment is the gloves. Not only are clean goalkeeper gloves crucial to your overall performance, they can also be very expensive. Taking proper care of your gloves can help improve your performance and make them last longer, especially important for those key matches!

Why Clean Your Gloves After Every Use?

It is highly recommended to clean your gloves after using them. Once your gloves become dirty, the hands and palms start to lose grip and the ball will feel harder when receiving. This can make the fingers and palms wear out fast resulting in loss of grip in all weather conditions. It is important to remove the dirt from your goalkeeper gloves as quickly and efficiently after using them so that it doesn’t get bedded in and become difficult to remove later.

Sweat has also a huge impact on your goalkeeper gloves. Sweaty gloves will not only smell and be unpleasant to put on, but bacteria and fungi can accumulate inside the latex. This can lead to the gloves latex grips becoming flaky and brittle. Fortunately, we’ve put together some easy steps for cleaning your goalkeeper gloves perfect every time.

Step by step guide to clean Goalkeeper Gloves

  1. Goalkeeping gloves should be stored in a clean glove bag whenever they are not being used.
  2. Remove your gloves from the bag and wipe as much surface dirt of as you can with some water in a spray bottle. Running warm water over more stubborn patches can also help.
  3. Spray or soak the glove with some quality glove care solution.
  4. Using the other hand, slowly scrub the fingers and palms of your glove. Add some more glove care solution and wash until you remove all of the dirt from the fingers and palms of the gloves. Repeat the above steps with the other glove.
    1. Please always read the glove care solution usage guides as they may vary.
  5. Get one of the gloves and put warm water in it. When it gets full, compress it until you remove all the water and then repeat this step a few times. This will help to remove any dirt in the glove. Repeat this step with the other glove.
  6. When both goalkeeper gloves are washed, rinse them well in the sink under running water. When all the dirt has been removed and the gloves well rinsed, gradually squeeze the gloves out to get rid of any excess water. Avoid twisting hard and overdoing during the rinse as this as you might damage your gloves and it is not necessary to get rid of all the water.
  7. You also need to make sure that the gloves are dried out before your take the field. This will involve putting the same old newspaper inside the gloves and keeping them hung overnight. Once your gloves have dried properly, remove them and take out all the drying newspaper. You should be able to see that the newspaper is damp and has absorbed much of the water.
  8. Put the somewhat damp gloves in the glove bag and close it. Store the bag in a cool, dry place until the next match.

Gloves are very important pieces of equipment for any goalkeeper and should be cared for. Your gloves do not have to be smelly and should be handled with the same care as we would give other training gear such as shorts and jerseys. Hopefully this information will help you clean your gloves properly and enjoy your fresh goalkeeper gloves.


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38 Saves in 30 Seconds for Hugo Lloris Birthday

Tottenham Hotspur celebrated Hugo Lloris with a excellent video of some his greatest saves.

The 6ft 2in French goalkeeper was born in Nice, France on the 26th December 1986 and has grown into one of the best goalkeepers in the world!

Starting at Nice his playing career has been simple but highly successful!

Hugo Lloris playing history

Youth career

  • 1993–1997 CEDAC Cimiez
  • 1997–2005 Nice

Senior career

  • 2002–2006 Nice B (20 Apps)
  • 2005–2008 Nice (72 Apps)
  • 2008–2012 Lyon (146 Apps)
  • 2012– Tottenham Hotspur (150 Apps)

National team

  • 2004 France U18 (3 Apps)
  • 2004–2005 France U19 (14 Apps)
  • 2006 France U20 (4 Apps)
  • 2006–2008 France U21 (5 Apps)
  • 2008– France (85 Apps)

Happy birthday Hugo!


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Top 10 Best Goalkeeper Saves Ever

From current masters like David De Gea to old school classics like David Seaman, we’ve brought together a collection of the best saves from some of the best keepers in the world.

Top 10 Best Goalkeeper Saves Ever

This video was created by We Speak Football  who have amassed a large amount of awesome football videos. It includes amazing saves but also the impact of important fitness training as shown in the second clip of Joe Hart almost getting caught out on the counter!

Did anyone have a WTF moment on clip three? Did the keeper just diving header save the ball onto his own crossbar then save the rebound in an insane fashion? I think he did!

Best Goalkeeper Saves Ever HD

This video is brought to you by FootballTv and, other than being a little bit grainy, shows off some of the worlds best saves in more conventional gameplay showcasing amazing agility, positioning and stamina.

It just goes to show that you can never underestimate the importance of even a slither of a touch as it can mean the difference between a win or loss for goalkeepers.

Best Goalkeeper Saves Ever 2014/2015 – Who is the Best Goalkeeper in the World? HD

This video has some pretty cheesy music and is over 10 minutes long! Thanks to Rahim Abdullaev for this amazing video.

With goalkeeping superstars shown right from the kick off it has some of the 2014 / 2015 football seasons best saves. So who do you think is the best keeper in the world?

  • Joe Hart (Manchester City and England)
  • Manuel Neuer (Bayern Munich and Germany)
  • David de Gea (Manchester United and Spain)
  • Thibaut Courtois (Chelsea and Belgium)
  • Iker Casillas (Porto and Spain)
  • Gianluigi Buffon (Juventus and Italy)
  • Hugo Lloris (Tottenham Hotspur and France)
  • Petr Cech (Arsenal and Czech Republic)
  • Bernd Leno (Bayer Leverkusen and Germany)
  • Samir Handanovic (Inter Milan and Slovenia)

Leave your comments below!

Last up…

Best Goalkeeper Saves 2015-2016

Brought to us from SNFC with more cheesy music (might want to turn it down) over this 10 minute(ish) video showcasing some of the best saves from De Gea, Cech and many many more!–qvmy1tEGI

Got some saves you want to share from anywhere in the world? drop a link to the video in the comments and I’ll try and feature you!! Amateurs welcome