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Reusch Re:Load Prime M1 Negative Cut Ortho-Tec

Reusch M1 Mega Grip Negative cut

As with all Reusch gloves, the Re:load series enters its second season and brings a new, wild and exciting colour combination to the mix. The Re:load line is definitely the first choice for all those who prefer a more classical but not less powerful glove.

Most reviews have loved the M1 Mega grip, the negative stitching as well as the tighter fit over the fingers. This ensures that there is a firmer grasp of the ball once recieved instead of potential for looser grips and fumbling of the football. The gloves are proven, based on match tests, to work well into the cold english nights where dew may begin to creep up on you giving the glove a damp feel, grip stays strong and the gloves are warm.

These gloves have surround cut stitching which means there is way more latex for contact with the football. if your unsure what that is, negative cut means that the seam around your fingers is located inside the glove, instead of the outside.  The wrist straps are strong and the gloves breath well allowing you to stay cool calm and collected in even the most stressful match. Get instant deposits and withdrawals.

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Reusch M1 Mega Grip Negative cut

The Pro’s

These goalkeeper gloves pack some serious plus points

  1. M1 Mega grip latex is a high-quality and extremely soft latex foam proving incredible grip in all weather
  2. 3-D thumb crotch construction between the thumb and the index finger eliminates any bulking stitching seams that can rub an irritate the goalkeepers hands
  3. Reusch’s free-floating Ortho-Tec stay System allows excellent flexibility and customisation in the glove
  4. Reusch’s new backhand side wrap Technology gives added protection to the palm material and the keepers’ side of hand
  5. The surround cut with negative seams give the glove 100% coverage of M1 Mega foam on all points of contact
  6. Reusch are one of the top goalkeeper glove producers in the market today

The Con’s

There are some aspects of the glove that could be improved, although they may have negatively impacted the overall benefits:

  1. The finger protection is difficult to or cannot be remove which can lead to stiffness until well worn in.
  2. Although common with most gloves, heavy rain and mud can impact overall grip

The conclusion

This glove comes as one of the most recommended our there because of the clever design aspects such as negative cut and M1-Mega grip foam. If you’re a goalkeeper that wants a high-quality glove with finger protection without breaking the bank, these gloves are the perfect ones for you.

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