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What are goalkeeper training gloves?

oalkeeper training gloves are essential in football; you just cannot do without them if you are a goalkeeper! The palms of the gloves are designed to protect the player’s hands and for easy grip of the ball. The gloves come in several cuts, such as roll finger, flat palm and negative. Gloves are designed to avoid fingers bending backward when playing. Adidas, Nike, Puma, and Macron are some of the famous brands of professional goalkeeper gloves.

Adidas Fingersave FS Replique

From the world’s number one supplier of football products, comes the new FS Replique. It is designed for easy and strong grip and made for hard ground. The palm is made of smooth, durable latex, supporting catching, throwing and holding the ball. The Adidas’ ‘fingers have’ technology prevents harmful and excessive finger bending. It comes with a wrist strap and wrist bandage. FS Replique is available in Navy/White/Lime Green.

Adidas Response Training Gloves

It is from Adidas’ Response line with notable qualities like shock absorption, especially made for training. It is durable and designed in the natural shape of the hand. It has vented cuffs and a latex finish for impact absorption, strong grip for handling the ball in all areas. All Adidas products are made to use in all weather conditions and reliable.

Adidas FS Allround

It comes with exchangeable spins and supports all goalkeeping activities. It is designed with special cuts for most of the contact area, to make catching easy. It also includes a stretch strap for firmer gloved hands.

Adidas also has some other football gloves including Adidas Powerweb gloves with silicon palms and synthetic leather, Response Roll Finger GC, Response Junior and Response Young Pro among many other useful gloves.

Nike GK Classic Goalkeepers

Looking for no-nonsense strictly goalkeeping? This glove is a simple, straightforward item that can handle all technicalities in goalkeeping. Its smooth latex foam takes a standard cut design. The wristband is easily fitting and tightly secures your grip.

Nike offers a range of training and football playing gloves including Nike Sala 5 glove, thermal gloves, Nike Training Gloves and much more.

Puma PowerCat 2.10 Grip

In both wet and dry conditions, this glove guarantees a firm and confident grip. The segmented mesh at the back of the hand allows ventilation to fingers.

Puma V1.10 Buffon Pro

It is from Puma’s bestselling V range. It has a wrap over the thumb, extended palm and a breathable mesh that provides ventilation to fingers. The special design of this glove minimizes damage to hands and fingers. It also includes the ‘pull and fastens’ speed closure system.

Benefits of Training Gloves

Protecting your fingers against injury when goalkeeping is important for consistent playing. There are brands of football gear which enable finger support with their innovative designs, e.g. FingerSave technology of Adidas. Buying gloves in the correct size are crucial for any goalkeeper. When the gloves are too small or too big, it can affect your hands as well as their flexibility. A glove that is a size or two bigger than your hand provides more deflection. To check whether it is a perfect fit, try wiggling your fingers inside the glove. The Velcro strap should fasten comfortably around the wrists too. If it is too lose or too tight, it can cause discomfort to the player.

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