Goalkeeper Gloves Size Guide

Finding the perfect size Goalkeeper Gloves size ensures you get the best fit, feel and safety when making those crucial saves. Ultimately, getting the right size goalkeeper glove is essential to your goalkeeping performance. Learn how to measure your own hands with our goalkeeper gloves size guide below!

Use the table below to find the correct glove size for you, first time, every time.

Size Age/Size Height (full body) Length (cm)* Width (cm)
11 XL adult 190cm- (6’3”-) 21 12.5
10 Large adult 184-189 cm (6’0”-6’2”) 20.5 12
9 Medium to large adult 175-183 cm (5’9”-6’0”) 20 11.5
8 Small to medium adult 165-174 cm (5’5”-5’9”) 19.5 11
7 Large child / youth 157-165 cm (5’2”-5’5”) 18.5 11
6 10-11 year old child 145-165 cm (4’9”-5’1”) 18 10.5
5 8-9 year old child 135-145 cm (4’5”-4’9”) 17.5 10
4 6-7 Year old child -135 cm (-4’5”) 17 10

*Length is measured as described below.

How to measure goalkeeper gloves

Measuring your hands to find the correct goalkeeper glove size can be a little tricky and it’s often better to have someone available to help you. Once measured, one area that you may come up against is small variations in sizes for different brands. This can often be due to the lining, padding and material that is used to create the glove so consider adding 0.5 – 1 cm (or 1/4 inch) to the final hand measurement and you’ll likely find that your goalkeeper gloves are sized much better.

Step by step guide to measuring goalkeeper gloves

  1. Measure your hand from the tip of the index finger to the base of the palm.
  2. Add on a 0.5 – 1 cm for material thickness

If you aren’t confident that you have measured correctly, record the detail down and suggested sizes and visit your local sports shop. They will either measure you or allow you to try on varying sizes until you get the size you need.